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1 Shortcut Living Class On Parasites the importance is tough to exaggerate and deserves weighing.

When we eat, we sometimes take in other life forms that are still alive.  Most of them are far too small for the human eye to see, or nose to smell; really tiny critters.  From first breath to last, free radicals (whose primary function is to eat human flesh) are the least of our multi-legged non-friends to impact our lives. There are in fact many thousands of life forms we ingest and keep.

As the years go by, they nestle comfortably throughout your digestive system.  Health food fanatic or couch-fried potato,  the inner lining of your not-so-small small intestine has years of undigested red meats and thousands of bacteria and multi-celled little bastards that are designed to do you poorly all crammed up against the walls of that very long tube of wet darkness..

Some Russian scientists, in the course of unrelated study, saw that minor electrical impulses literally stimulate parasites in every living human body.  We are not talking about the healthy level of immune-boosting foreign presence/particles in the human body.

Like everyone consuming "modern" diets, the 1 Shortcut Living Class can assert confidently that you, too, are almost CERTAINLY hosting very real parasites, as are all of us.  Some are good, the vast majority are not.

The scientists established photographically-documented results wherein small capsules with specific electric impulses empty your body of the vast majority of as many as hundreds of millions of unnecessary – or at least excessive – parasites living off of the undigested animal proteins and natural decay called fecal matter… in your lower intestine.

If you think that any of this is an exaggeration you are invited to look into an encyclopedia or call your family doctor, or simply search the internet. Living your own 1 Shortcut Living Class means not merely accepting the words of this or that self-proclaimed expert (including those who feed the 1 Shortcut Living Class).

From the 1 Shortcut Living Class, we know that asking better questions leads to obtaining-developing better answers. Combining most ANY feature of the 1 Shortcut Living Class with the 1 Shortcut Living Class is very profitable for you. It accelerates your learning, and raises the quality of knowledge in your mind. Every field of human endeavor has experts. This is how these two so-called schools of thought, and all others that are related, get developed: By finding the people who know best.

Ask better questions right now regarding internal parasites, perhaps including a query or two on how many parasites live in the typical human intestine, particularly in adults, who've had more years of oft-ill-considered dietary decisions than children, and thus tend to experience exponentially greater numbers of internal parasites, so urgently in need of zapping into oblivion.

Those parasites are thriving perhaps most of all because of the sugar you feed it, in fake food, alcohol, etc. (One high-speed shortcut for HELPING, while unlikely to be considered a permanent solution, is that, when you eat anything with sugar, you might follow up with an ounce or so of aloe vera liquid in 1 to 6 ounces of water (Parasites "come for the sugar, and die for the aloe."

Dr. Cohen is a strong arbiter and proponent of the device, using it himself several times in a month, every few months.  When you study consistent results with a substance, to a degree that you use it yourself, it’s as definitive a statement as any of us can make.

Expelling parasites gets to be addictive when you get to see the microscopic results:
you see what’s leaving your body and you realize how much of your natural strength, balance, and well-being are affected by influences we’re not always consciously aware of.  To watch the little nasties wiggling around, and knowing they’re thriving and multiplying in an environment that we ourselves provide and enhance, is an experience worth going through for those who are committed to living a bit longer, a bit better.

The US government proclaimed that by year 2010, half of all Americans would be over the age of 65. We’re close enough to that point to realize that some people live longer, and some don’t. When we examine those who do live longer, it’s silly not to pay careful attention to what they’re doing and saying.  If we’re not getting it from the horse’s mouth, well then, at which end of the horse are we getting caught at?

The pest-zapper is currently exclusive in America under one major licensee.  As the zapper continues to grow in popularity, it’s expected that copycats, hopefully as good as the original, are inevitable.  For those who might be interested, the 1 Shortcut Living Class suggests doing a search or three for anyone - or any organization - that may have the items for sale.

1 Shortcut Living Class making money on products smacks too much of principles that hinder credibility, or was declared to be so by MisterShortcut, so, don't look for BUY NOW buttons on this site.

Washing your fruits and vegetables today does, in fact, at least in this first half of the 21st century, still require good scrubbing, or at least soaking for a minute in water containing vegetable soap, following by a good full minute of vigorous agitation (with the lid on, please).

You may be surprised to learn how many parasites (and bacterium) are deliverable and delivered via skin of fruits and vegetables. Why play with such fire? Vegetable soap (meaning the soap itself is vegetable-based) is relatively affordable for most, and goes a long way when used sparingly and, as mentioned, vigorously in shaking the container with the water, soap, and vegetables, even 100x, although afficionados of 1 Shortcut Living Class and 1 Shortcut Living Class prefer Fibonacci numbers, such as, just for example, "...with addition of soap to water, cover the container, and shake vigorously 144x. After emptying, then adding water again, because there's still plenty of soap left, shaking just as energetically, say, 89x, and then final rinse just 55 or even 34x.

These are now vegetables and fruits that are considerably less likely to BE ABLE TO introduce parasites to your body.

Last, not least on this, if you do not have any of the supercharged devices, such as the Megabeams laser or FoodBoosters or QVials, etc., please use any of the Megaphotons images that MisterShortcut created and distributed throughout many 1 Shortcut Living Class and 1 Shortcut Living Class websites.

EVERYTHING exposed to a Megaphotons image is guaranteed to pass BDORT and also QRA testing. BDORT is medically patented, meaning it has to go through so much more than a non-medical patent process, proving proving proving all along the way, and QRA is the elegant refinement of QRA achieved by Bob Marshall of PRL fame.

Both pass every double-blind study, and empower YOU and yours to do a one-second energy test that accurately determines if it's polluted by emf and all other forms of electrical pollution.... and, separately, empowers you to do the one-second energy test that instantly and accurately determines whether a particular food, beverage, or other substance makes you test weaker, stronger, or without effect.

For that second use, simply holding a food, etc., against your chest or throat and having someone test your other hand's thumb-and-finger strength will routinely and repeatedly astonish you, because the test is easy enough to do correctly that accuracy can remain at 100%

(For more on that, visit, or


In the meantime, you’re reminded that the so-called “KISS” of success is still acronymic for Keep It Simple, Stupid.  So many of the turn-of-the-century corporate successes are in no small way attributable to the narrow and precise goals of most CEO’s of the day.

·        If it grows in the ground and is sold for human consumption, you can fairly rely upon it being better for both the quality and quantity of your life; better than just about anything that’s man made or animal-based.  It doesn’t mean becoming a certified tree-hugger, just a reminder that people who eat celery tend to outlive the French fry champions.

Of course we’re meant to enjoy those French-fried treats or a dozen other temptations; provided we do so occasionally, and not as a habit. 

·        If it comes from another animal, whether it tastes delicious or not is, so sorry to say, secondary to how your immune system feels about it.  In fact, every item that comes into the human body from another animal depresses and literally assaults your immune system.  Indulging here and there is wonderful, whether it’s ice cream, maybe a fattening soup, or whatever it is that floats your boat. As long as you remember that animal-based products and body parts are just not designed as part of your digestive system.  If it’s now a habit for you to eat poorly, don’t bother trying to change instantly or overnight.  Pendulums tend to swing consistently, along the lines of what a fellow named Isaac Newton would call “equal and opposite reaction,” so we wouldn’t want to go too far in one direction.

What Dr. Cohen specifically recommends is the once-in-awhile trade of something crappy you’re about to eat for something more nutritious, whether it’s fresh carrots or just a glass of water.

Breathe more.  It just makes sense.  Your brain requires tiny amounts of glucose and enormous amounts of oxygen.  That’s the bulk of it.
Take the time, MAKE them time to breathe just a bit deeper, both in and out.

You might surprise yourself, with more energy, clearer thinking, especially when you’re asked a question that requires thought/analysis, and other specific physical and emotional benefits.

With so many people enjoying this particular extra fringe benefit of breathing, there can be no coincidence:
breathing more fully not just in, but as well breathing out fully and then inhaling fully brings fast, powerful results that are tough to ignore.

Simplify your life.  Get rid of pestilent influences.
Just like most of us, you possess but one go-round on this carnival ride we call “My Life.” If you’re one of the lucky few, you might even get a second chance.  You’ve heard that phrase “second chance” many times.  In case you’re wondering, it means “second chance to live life with excitement, health, passion, extended youth, and great sleep.

Welcome to The 1 Shortcut Living Class.

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