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Top Doctors and the Information Age of Revolt

Heal?   Top doctors do not heal,    Top doctors do not cure.   Top doctors do not treat.
The great thing about doctors is that they have to absorb such huge amounts of information that they can be a fantastic source of assistance and counsel, which is what the doctor's supposed to do. It's ridiculous to think that a doctor or even a drug can heal you of anything. They can only help us heal ourselves.
How urgently do you, and all of us, need to really grab hold of this and own it.

Neither top doctors nor drugs can heal us. For sure, surgery can remove a lump or repair a break, and for that, we need doctors.
The PRIMARY reason we need doctors, the most frequent need of a doctor, is NON-urgent, NON-emergency.
That means seeing or feeling something is not right in you or on you.     Is this a fair enough description?

So the majority of all visits to the doctor, whether it's a top doctor or your favorite neighbhorhood practitioner, the largest number of all our visits to that doctor are for the purpose of acquiring information. Somehow, this has translated, just in the past generation or two, into the mass marketing and overuse of prescription medicines, rather than the transfer of helpful information.

More than half of all licensed pharmaceuticals have an effective rate below fifty percent.
Twenty percent of all licensed pharmaceuticals have an effective rate below ONE PERCENT.
You need not attend eight years of medical school to become an expert in whatever ails you.
Laziness is deadly in these days when drug companies are the single most profitable industry.
LEARN MORE, dummy! No matter what you ail from, you have resources to learn from,
in language that hardly requires more than basic knowledge or a dictionary.
If you wish to heal, you have to heal yourself. Learn and live more.


Those are words best left to the individual, not to someone else doing it for us. Sewing up a wound is one thing; approach to a major health challenge from within is another thing. Performing any type of trauma treatment is the sole arena of medical doctors, as they are the only ones in America who are trained to do so. Until individuals participate more in the Information Age by learning more, treatment of traumatic injury will continue to be the nearly-sole province of allopaths. When instant life-saving decisions and actions have to be made, those with the best training are those any human would and should turn to. The rest of health matters have been inexplicably wound together with treatment of traumatic injury in the world of allopathic, or drug-based and surgery-based, approaches. These are separate issues, and with the acceleration of information dissemination continuing to rise, everyday people are gaining more and more skills of higher levels than might be expected of them.

Carpenters going on the internet to learn more sophisticated or sturdier techniques and materials.
Housewives learning to treat injuries that save a forty-mile trip to a hospital for injuries that are serious without being instantly life-threatening. Teenagers learning more about the ultimate truth that how I feel, how much energy I have, the quality of the energy that I have, the way I go to the bathroom, the way my body feels in any given situation, is determined more by diet than any other factor including genetic predispositions. COUNTLESS people who have what is now known as the "heart-attack gene" have NOT developed heart disease. Not coincidentally, their dietary habits are different from their siblings and relatives who have uniformly succumbed to this insidiously misformed gene.

In the larger sense, as a bird's eye view of a floor-plan, there are two factors and predictors of both quality and length of life that outweigh all other factors added together. That's a large mathematical statement, and by its very nature it is a rarity. Whenever and every time a human encounters a rare pattern that holds true more than five or ten percent of the time, then all rational humans agree that it is a statistical anomaly that becomes a pattern each time it is succesfully duplicated on purpose.

As complicated as that might seem to some, it's basic and simple, and like every other profoundly great and immediately useful truth, is quickly broken into its smaller components. One proviso and admonition is submitted for you to personaly absorb and weight carefully: understanding the why of anything is critically subordinate -- which means "far, far beneath in importance, even unto sustaining the function. We get stuck wanting to know why and how something works until we see it work. When we haven't seen it in action, we do not want to believe or accept it until we know how and/or why it's going to supposedly work. This creates conflict between the cerebral and artistic or between the left and right sides of the brain and there is a marked lack of time in which to separate wheat from chaff thanks to the addiction to Iron Age thinking versus Information Age thinking.

The largest part of this is a direct function of what is termed our "comfort zones," accurately likened to a wall thermostat, which turns off and on when needed, automatically, based on a range of accepted or desired activity, turning off and alternately turning back on when either extreme of high or low is reached. A great example of this is the difficulty that most people have with soberly imagining more than double of what they have or what they earn. The businesses that tend to multiply one's initial investment repeatedly, most often found in "residual income" opportunities. When America Online (AOL) sold internet access by a repeat monthly bill, their primary mountain of income came from setting up the monthly repeat income of about $20 for each of ten million subscribers. Whatever else AOL was doing to earn money, that two hundred million dollars per month was a parallel to the 1960's decision of American Express to charge a monthly or annual fee just to possess a credit card whether or not the card was actually used: with fifty million people paying every month just to have the card, their cash flow went geometric.

Behind each of the thousands and actually tens of thousands of businesses just in the past few years that have gone from tiny investments to high-income producing interests, you find someone who was able to see beyond the comfort zone of what is already possessed. In other words, to match your current income with a similar amount is not too difficult to imagine, because you have a unit of one (the actual amount of income you currently enjoy) with which to compare a newer and better income with. Because in your own personal life you do not have more than the unit of one, your brain function demands the logic of saying, "you cannot have more than 100 percent' therefore it is illogical to discuss more than matching what I have now." We have no problem saying, "Okay, we doubled it once in _________ days, let's do it again..

It is recommended that you consider what you've just read, review any five points and crunch them into five simple thoughts. For the few of you who write those five simple thoughts down, you will never have to refer back to those notes again. It has to do with the PowerGem that "Anything reviewed and re-written within the hour is assimilated into permanent memory."

It's simply common sense for you, for I, for all of us, to maximize the value of our visits to the 1 Shortcut Living Class.
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With your mind in mind,

When you are prepared to accept that doctor does NOT know best, that leaves only two choices: trial and error is the first choice, a time-consuming and in the case of health care a dangerous choice; and there is the 1 Shortcut Living Class approach. This of course entails working backwards and living forwards,
BEGINNING with the final desired point and walking it back to now,
by finding those people who live stronger longer naturally!

When we duplicate their actions and attitudes we duplicate their results,
saving many years and countless dollars in the process...
enjoying greater Longevity because of these people.
The 1 Shortcut Living Class begins with looking,
because there ARE old and healthy people.

With all of the different studies with such divergent findings, the only benefit that you or I can gain in the instant is to deal with those commonalities that are perfect or close to perfect in uniformity of application and result.

Here are just a few. The evidence is too strong to deny them, so they're not presented for debate, nor are the reasons, causes and proofs in this forum offered. They are perfectly or near-perfectly common to individual humans who live stronger or longer: -- little or no red meat in the diet. If you enjoy red meat, then you SHOULD eat it once in awhile; because you enjoy it, not because there is any benefit in it. There is no benefit in taking body parts of animals inside of your body.

-- they tend to drink more water.

-- they manage their stress rather than be managed by it.

-- Contrary to those who poke fun at yoghurt commercials, it's interesting to note that, in five communities within the former Soviet Union and in Japan, dozens and dozens of people living beyond the mark of one hundred years. When you are mentally prepared to take the leap and accept that doctors do NOT know best in several dozens areas of health care and life care and balance, you're reminded of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's attributing to Sherlock Holmes the brilliant statement that "Whenever the impossible has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Well, if it's not the doctor who you're going to rely upon, who will you rely upon? One choice is to find the rare doctor who realy and sincerely cares about you and yours. Another option is to turn to yourself, with the help of, that's right, your doctor! As well, any and all other gatherable resources pertinent to your task.
The Information age is here, and it means you can learn very specific information
at fantastically accelerated rates.
This leaves you more time to carefully consider the decisions you make as a result of

your having newer and better information than you did before.

Look, let's just take an example, and you decide how to run with it. We have to give you credit for initiative: the fact that you're reading this sentence proves you are determined to do things better than the madding crowd. That's not a stroke of your ego: while others are sitting in a bar quaffing beers, you're taking actual steps to end up in a better place in life than they are. Therefore, you're invited to begin your improvement program in the next sixty seconds by applying this example to how you can put these PowerGems and methods of long-lived people, our masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,

to work for you.

You go to the doctor with a problem or for your annual checkup.  He tells you that you have cancer. Approximately eight out of ten people do precisely what the doctor tells them to do, and approximately eighty percent of those cancer patients die of the cancer. That’s as baldly stated as it can get.

In between that diagnosis and the death there is, of course, great upheaval, hundreds and hundreds of hours criminally frittered away JUST ON WAITING for medical appointments and treatments. Because money is so huge a fraction of the foundation of medicine today, overbooking is one of the three primary reasons for so many people being victimized by error or neglect, or a combination of both.

These hundreds of hours are NOT relaxed hours; they are far more often than not highly stressful hours. More than any other factor, the disease is exacerbated by this stress, and the mode of sickness assigned to the patient. Hundreds and more hundreds of hours made up of preciously irreplaceable minutes: tens of thousands of minutes and more tens of thousands of minutes that can be spent getting sunshine, fresh water, exercise, biofeedback therapy training, purchase and even preparation of natural remedies and dietary requirements that have proven to have a higher success rate than medical science, surgery and pharmacology – ALL ADDED UP TOGETHER!.

No credible organization in the world can refute or disprove that statement, because of the old adage follow the money: People who use what is erroneously referred to as “conventional medical treatment” – treatments based on new drug and surgery techniques, which have been with us for a few decades against the natural approaches of the past fiive thousand years that we’ve counted – buy more coffins than those who pursue natural treatments for their health challenges – by a factor of between eight and eleven times as many coffins? For those who might be unsure of the purpose of coffins, they are made and purchased to bury people who are dead; people who did NOT have their lives saved by chemical medicine, irradiation, or surgery.

How foolish to entrust the very life of your child or yourself or your spouse or parent into the hands of someone who is doing it exclusively to gain huge fees. If your cancer specialist charges more than a hundred dollars for a consultation, then money is provably more important than personal interest in the existence of the sick person. What fancy equipment does a cancer doctor need to treat his patients?

NONE. He or she requires great knowledge, and how to apply that knowledge successfully. The fact that doctors reach for the chemicals and the radiation before considering the natural supplements and diets and lifestyles that are unconditionally guaranteed to impact a disease’s process in the body is all the proof we can require for objective judgment. Sorry, but there is no money for the doctor in advising you to use St. John’s wort for mild-to-moderate depression; because then there’s no longer any need for you to consult him every couple or few weeks. Yes, St. John’s wort is probably of little material benefit to someone suffering severe depression, yet it has proven beyond doubt over at least six hundred years to be an excellent remedy for mild or moderate depression, and, it’s not only inexpensive, it’s free of deadly or seriously injurious side effects. Not one single prescription medicine on earth can make that claim.

Every major medicine-focused organization in the putatively civilized world, including JAMA, Lancet,  NIH, and no less than five of the world’s largest heart institutes all agree that no less than ninety percent of all heart bypass patients die within 10 to 300 days of the surgery. That means the surgery is the wrong way to go, but at up to three hundred thousand dollars for the surgery, where a guy or gal, for example,  who merely gives you a bit of knockout gas collects an astounding fee of five hundred to five thousand dollars for an hour’s work. Did you leave your brain back in the reception area? My dearest of mentors, the wonderful Monsignor Bernard Kellogg, a brilliant man if every I’ve known one, had heart troubles. An active, joyous man, it took sixteen years for the doctor to convince him he needed bypass surgery. Not even one hundred days after he finally submitted to the surgery despite feeling great, he was dead, may he rest in peace. I have every faith that he’s up in heaven asking himself why he took counsel from outside of himself when his own counsel had served him in great stead through decades of never-reduced physical activity?  With so few bypass patients living a full year past their surgeries. it has proven easier for me to learn theories of physics than it has to learn why humans continually go to doctors who are not doing their jobs anymore.

Who doesn’t yearn for the good old days when our family doctors came to the home, and touched a child gently, and both child and parent knew that the best of care was being administered? Those days are dead and gone, and the fact that your doctor needs a million dollar home or a fifty-thousand dollar car says it all loudest of all. Properly compensated is one thing; wealth and luxury from other people’s bleeding and dying is simply unacceptable, and your opportunities are now expanding at exciting, even dizzying speeds with the growth and expansion of the Information Age.

You see, if I walk into my doctor’s office tomorrow to be told I have cancer, my first response is, “Ouch.”

My second response is, “What precise steps were taken by any ten or twenty or fifty people who have survived cancer?” I have zero interest in the opinions, thoughts, suggestions or  prescriptions of any doctor on earth who has not personally overcome cancer or treatest with patients who have survived cancer. Nothing else matters, no information is of any interest to me until I get from the horse’s mouth – in this case cancer survivors – the best and most effective known methods of overcoming that particular form of cancer as diagnosed.

Secondly, I and anyone I can find who might care if I live or die, will immediately dive into the internet and library resources that are pertinent to the one specific goal of identifying those practices and nutrients that are known to impact that specific type of cancer's progress and process in the body, along with any and all pertinent information we can find on people who did NOT survive that particular brand of cancer, including information on which approaches they used which did not succeed. We humans learn almost as much from what does not work as we do from what does work.

Whether it's cancer, or liver disease, cardiovascular, glandular, no matter what the challenge, there are people who have done it right and there are people who have done it wrong. It does not need to be more complicated than that, and the inclination that we have to know they whys and wherefores, in life-and-death cases need to be set aside so as to escape the Industrial Age linear thinking that excludes too many useful resources at our immediate disposal. Again, we learn as much from what we know to consistently fail as we learn from the success stories. Accelerated acquiition of or access to high-quality information is half the ticket to resolving formerly more life-threatening challenges. Never mind the old fella on the corner in his porch swing chair: the world is offering you free access to tens of thousands of experts. If it's true that a doctor's greatest gift is his successful transfer of good information from himself or herself into the patient, then our landlocked as well as cyberspace libraries are a many-times-multiplied resource of life-saving proportions. Question is, will your life and the lives of your loved ones be included in this? If it is to be so, participation in the decision-making process is required. In order to participate intelligently, which means, in the long run, effectively, more knowledge than you current possess needs to be flashed in front of your eyes and/or ears for you to generate faster, better, world-class results, including double and triple where you are now.

For information or treatment of a traumatic injury, I want a medical doctor and no one but a medical doctor at my side or the side of my child. For everything else, it is simply self-defeating in the strictest and more literal meaning, for me to let anyone lese make my life-and-death decisions. Advice? Of course. Good knowledge and factual information? Certainly. Guidance and suggestions? Again, even yes for that.

Mentorship? Only from those who have succeeded in the past.

It’s interesting how each doctor that someone likes is “one of the top men in the country.”  So sorry, but only a few people are at the top of any given field. Stop injecting your opinion, because an opinion is only the top of the table. The legs of the table are the facts and the experience that support the table. Without those sturdy legs, the opinion is just the top, dressy, most visible part; only one of the four or more parts that are necessary for the benefit of the whole. Otherwise, the tabletop is left sitting on the floor, way below the other tables that have those sturdy legs of fact and empirical success holding that tabletop up where it does the most good for the most number of people.

Break out of your comfort zone of thinking you can’t double your results in money or quality of living, in wealth or health, in jacking up both the quality and quantity of your days and years, your laughter and tears.  Your new ability to garner the best of the best information on any and every known subject on earth removes the excusability you’ve had in the past of “having to use” a particular person or service. Today, we can have the best of the best from the best of the best, most often at no charge, because every field of human endeavor has experts, and every field of human endeavor has experts who are giving, loving, dedicated people who share because they care, and do not demand Mercedes Benz cars and beachfront homes on your dime; your hard-earned dime.

Reach for the people who care and share; you can no longer say you don’t know any or can’t find any.

Live stronger for longer,  live healthier and wealthier, happier and more fulfilled, with the best shortcuts and secrets and methods and techniques of those who are doing it best. They are the horse’s mouth, and however much you may love your doctor, please remember that when we do not get our information from the mouth of the horse, we’re probably spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.

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