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your own living sense of with hr the Godfather of Shortcuts

Here you find a taste or two of the many hundreds of EyeCandy websites
designed, created, uploaded and promoted by Mr-Shortcut, for your accelerated success,
knowing you've barely even begun your best journey,
the journey into your own excellence. Go on, use these sweetly interactive web pages,
in fact more thousands of pages than any one human will ever review alone,
to fulfill the promises made to you about yourself when you were young.

There is no limit to the belief that you are capable of everything you dream of AND MORE.
Go for yours.     Let's begin today with greater focus on resolution, on answers, on eliminating your so-called "obstacles."
Begin with the certainty that, one way or another, you WILL identify and resolve those "obstacles," which are only challenges.
Included are some earlier “redirects" and free 1 Shortcut Living Class sites that will die over time.
Concern may be unnecessary: MisterShortcut built more than a thousand websites for you,
with many millions & millions of unique pages,
in fact more thousands of pages than any one human can or will ever view alone.

There is no limit to the belief that you are capable of everything you dream of AND MORE.

Your untapped potential is so huge that MisterShortcut invested three million very focused minutes to create all this for you.
Now, it's your turn.     As of today, there are more than a thousand Winners Shortcuts websites,
each and each of more than a million interactive pagesby Mr_Shortcut, Godfather of EyeCandy
All focused on you personally, no need to buy a thing,   all here for your life.
As you enter this very exciting ride of your life, learn to push your F11 keyboard button...     ... often.

(Pssst.     Expect delights from the hidden treats when you wave the mouse into hidden corners and obvious ones too.)
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There are many, MANY hidden delights and features through these 1,000,000+ unique webpages, so


Ee index pages, like banquet tables groaning from the weight of great foods,
cannot cover all that thse sites contain. No one human will ever cover it all.
The 1 Shortcut Living Class is so vast that the magic keyboard trick
(that you may have noticed), where tapping any key carries you off,
works on many tens of thousands of hand-crafted pages,
all by the hands of MisterShortcut for you to glow,
then grow, and then live to the fullest,
always remembering to feed folks.
Particularly those who can't feed themselves.     Thanks.

Yes, to the curioius, the letters are unchanged and equally sized.

MisterShortcut is thrilled to have done it for you.
Remember, what you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know fascinates us. Do more with what you know.
You are in for the greatest surprises of your life when you see inside of yourself.
It is not what you cannot do that holds you back, it's what you think you cannot do.
Pretending in the privacy of your mind added to a deadline turns a dream into a goal.
This works approximately one hundred percent of the time, and it is better than magic.
Is it that you believe you know better than those who repeatedly perform at world class?
How do you dare to form an opinion in the face of one who, daily, shatters world records?
You are being told the truth of enormous power. Be quiet, stop forming premature opinions.
Pretending in the privacy of your mind, when added to a deadline, your dream becomes a goal.
So many great writers have advised us of the power to awaken the giant inside of each one of us.
The 1 Shortcut Living Class invites you to simply use the power of simple mathematics to win more.
Act the way you want to be, and you become the way you act. You might say "Fake it 'til you make it."
Most all of the great achievements begin in a garage or a kitchen table, a dream that had the deadline.
MisterShortcut created hundreds of huge websites   EACH site huge, healthy, and colorfully interactive.
He did this because you need to learn more so you can live more,
living healthier, happier, longer, with simple health tips and shortcuts.
Do more with what you know now.
We know with certainty that you'll enjoy your results, encouraging you to push once more,
engaging deep satisfaction that tends to make each of ua at least somwehat happier.

There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

When did you last realize, just for one example of many instant resources to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor.
No, you get to ask tens of millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts.     They're an excellent source, provided they are actually doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.

Everyone else is full of crapulous invective,   technobabble,   or the blatherskite of excuses.

Welcome to the 1 Shortcut Living Class || Masters and Millionaires Secrets to Success

The 1 Shortcut Living Class

All those times you've promised to "get busy" at some point in the future?
That point in the future is now, today, no further delays or excuses.

The more we learn, the stronger and longer we tend to live.
The more we learn, the better we tend to live and give.

At the 1 Shortcut Living Class, we're happy to help you to help yourself,
with two understandings. First, that you will never again allow a day to pass without excellence,
which means that every day you get out of bed, you're committed to being on fire with desire to excel.

Secondly, embracing The 1 Shortcut Living Class and 1 Shortcut Living Class does have a price attached.
Instead of paying it up front, or promising to pay MisterShortcut later, pay with service, now and forever.
Never ever ever, as long as you live, let a day go by without doing something for someone worse off than you.
NO! NOT to be a good guy or girl; strictly for selfish reasons!! That's right: GIVE for selfish reasons.
Whether or not any given human, including you, really and truly does understand Newton's Third Law,
is a distant second to the priority of understanding that in fact Newton's 3rd law is reality,
reality that you can and do turn to advantage each & every time you actively recognize it.
That's why The 1 Shortcut Living Class is so guaranteed: the laws of physics are guaranteed.

Every time you do a kindness or lend a hand to someone worse off than you,
scientists can count a host of benefits to your immune system.

Every time you do a kindness or lend a hand to someone worse off than you,
your family can see and sense the person you're helping THEM to become.
Every time you do a kindness or lend a hand to someone worse off than you,
the universe counts an action that has an equal and opposite reaction.
You can't escape physics, so it makes sense, even selfish sense,
for to embrace the laws of physics to create more benefits.
Whether you use these many new benefits selfishly or not,
that's for you to decide at some point on your own.
MisterShortcut simply wants to raise your expectations,
raise your probabilities, using The 1 Shortcut Living Class,
so that you'll be in the best possible position to decide how to help.

The 1 Shortcut Living Class and 1 Shortcut Living Class,
by orders of magnitude the largest empowerment websites and network on the internet.

You ladies and fine germs have made the 1 Shortcut Living Class, and et alia,
the internet's most successful philanthropic effort.   Humanly impossible to thank you for still saving lives.
Whoever as a kid could have imagined such vast impact with free clicks buying real, life-saving food?

You have generated hundreds of millions of cups of food by YOUR clickthroughs to TheHungerSite.US,
Each day, growing thousands of cups of food, EACH cup a lifesaver.

Applaud yourself as I do you, and click again.

That means you're entitled to share MisterShortcut's title as the "World's Richest Man",
because true wealth is not measured by what you gather for yourself,
rather, by what you give away to others

Go ahead, get healthy, get wealthy... Begin your wealth and riches with giving.
Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
The best wealth shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
from one pair of preternaturally busy hands: many hundreds of thousands of unique creations.
from the man with your plan, Mister-Shortcut, for You

Learn more, live more, give more, with the 1 Shortcut Living Class.
Created with armfuls of respect for your inner and mostly untapped potential,
which we empirically know to be greater than you give yourself credit for,
or demonstrate on a daily and hourly and minute-by-minute basis.