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Because MisterShortcut believed enough in you to build this, it is purely for you to boost your business NOW, THIS WEEK and THIS MONTH, that I beg you to offer a bit less of your opinion IN EVERY CONVERSATION WITH EVERY PERSON.

No one says to stop offering your opinion; no, no, no; you earn your living by giving your opinion, and that's my point: you earn your living by giving your opinion; so it's vital to your value that you offer less of your opinion WHEN YOU ARE NOT BEING PAID IN SOME WAY for your opinion. Whether you are paid in $$ or shalom bayis is up to you. GET PAID! This increases income and saves BAGFULS of time to use as you wish.

Every human being on this planet wastes many minutes, from waiting at traffic lights to engaging in useless conversations that serve no purpose.         EVERY HUMAN ON THIS PLANET.

One of the three most observable differences between effective people and ineffective people is the way that they manage their time… BY BEING MORE AWARE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! Every one of us is guilty of wasting time. The question is: "What percent of my time is wasted, and what percent is productive?"

Again, every human being has opinions on this. Science uniformly proves that we are wrong far and away more often than we are right. The wise man never moves past this point until he gets at least the second-level meaning. Those few who admit this get the immediate benefit of it. Instead of relying on opinion, we only need to keep aware for 24 hours whether an action or sentence that is about to happen should happen at all.

Every sentence and every action is either time-wasting or time-fulfilling. Don't mislabel a thing as more important when it is not DIRECTLY related to accomplishing a desired goal. That is a foolish trap we lay for ourselves, and one that is easy to avoid by considering any question from the OPPOSITE point of view that you would normally take. Mmm, that's a fast, fast shortcut; you end up with more balanced opinions based on your best thinking abilities rather than your more emotional gut responses!

That does NOT mean you should try to never ever waste time, because that is a ridiculous extreme. We're talking about the majority of your waking minutes, when you are either focused or you are not focused. When you are focused, you're able to show all of us how good you are. When you are not focused you are not producing at high levels. Idiots are people who assign importance to petty things, which deprives the important things of your best attention. Idiots are often people with high levels of education, because they really think they know better. It's been my experience that the people who are doing it better are the people who know it better. Everyone else has to shut up and pay attention to them when the desired goal is to be as good or better than the person who….. IS ALREADY DOING IT BETTER.

Too often pride goes before the fall and we just hesitate to open up. Be smart enough to remember that there is only one moment in every form of life of this planet, animal, vegetable, or mineral, when the death process begins. All true scientists keenly understand without emotional limitations that the death process begins in every form of life in precisely the same second that growth ceases.

That means skipping OR shortening the minor conversations by a sentence or two. It means that waiting at the traffic light is an opportunity to focus your mind on something you need to accomplish in the next 24 hours. This is basic training for advanced thinkers, which means ALL thinkers at levels low, medium and high can use it. Instead of speaking without thinking, and throwing ten high-speed sentences, use a moment to consider your thoughts, and then use two or three well-chosen sentences. FREE BONUS: one of several extra benefits you get from this is that more of your spoken opinions will sound even more intelligent.

Instead of relying on opinion, we only need to keep aware for 24 hours whether an action or sentence that is about to happen should happen at all.

Doing it for 24 hours has such a huge impact on people who are doing it for real, not just lip service, that a decision is often made to extend the "AWARENESS OF MY TIME" for another 24 hours. Approximately 7 percent of the population are intelligent enough to see that there is a direct connection between cause and effect, and maintain an awareness of how they are using their time…. most all of the time.

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